Finey Land use and masterplanning

The land use plan design for Veymandoo Island, developed by Charrette Studio, focuses on promoting sustainability and urban living.
About the Project

Charrette Studio, a renowned design firm, is dedicated to crafting a sustainable land use and master plan for Finey Island in the Maldives. Our approach combines careful assessment, community engagement, and ecological preservation to unlock the island’s potential while preserving its natural beauty and cultural heritage. By incorporating sustainable development practices and considering the aspirations of the local community, our visionary plan will harmoniously integrate infrastructure, zoning, and amenities to create a vibrant and resilient island community.

Our master plan for Finey Island aims to strike a delicate balance between development and environmental conservation. Through the establishment of protected areas, sustainable management practices, and the integration of green spaces, we will ensure the preservation of the island’s diverse ecosystems. Additionally, by engaging closely with residents and cultural experts, we will design infrastructure and amenities that enhance community livability, foster cultural preservation, and create economic opportunities. The result will be a transformative plan that honors Finey Island’s natural allure while creating a sustainable and thriving destination for both residents and visitors alike.

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